Darren Ockert Single Release & Kicknote Integration

Kicknote is proud to announce that Darren Ockert is the first artist to fully integrate the Kicknote navigation system into his own official site. Fans can now easily browse all of Darren’s online media and information via the Kicknote Frame from both Darren’s Kicknote profile and his official website. With all of Darren’s sites linked together via Kicknote, the Darren Ockert intranet is starting to take shape!
Readers may be familiar with Darren, as he has been garnering some press recently as a result of his upcoming single and music video release. “Celebrity du Jour” will be released as the first single from Darren’s new album, Modern Day Living, on August 25th, 2009. The music video for the track will premier at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City on Monday, August 24th.

Darren Ockert's Official Site

Check out everything Darren Ockert here, and be sure to pick up the new album when it drops.

Darren Ockert Celebrity du Jour

Darren Ockert Celebrity du Jour


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