Kicknote Charts: Week 2

KN_Gold_RecordWeek two of the Kicknote Charts is now officially in the books. Here’s how it panned out: in order, the top three artists this past week were Peter Kirk, Kanye West, and Backdrop.

Peter Kirk is a recording artist out of Manhattan. His blend of pop and blue-eyed soul turns out to be something somewhat reminiscent of Peter Gabriel-type of sound. Each of his songs is meticulously refined, and the production quality is excellent. The best part about this artist? All of his songs are available for free on The Peter Kirk official website! Single to check out: “Addison.”

Kanye West is obviously someone everyone has heard of. The rapper who everyone loves to hate made his way up to the top of the charts this week. A fairly large contributing factor to this was Kanye’s display of narcissism and insanity at the MTV Video Music Awards when he jumped up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Planned publicity stunt or just Kanye being a “jackass,” as President Obama would say?  Who knows? For all his jackassery, Kanye does happen to put together some good tunes once in a while though. Single to check out: “Good Morning.” (Scroll down a tad, it’s there, I promise.)

Last but not least we have Backdrop, a three-piece alternative/rock/pop band out of Iowa City. Sounding a little like a blend of Lit and New Found Glory, the band utilizes powerful, slightly distorted, raw sounding instrumentals to support alt/pop-style vocals. The production quality of their songs is good, and it seems like they would be a good band to check out live. They currently have an EP available on iTunes. Single to check out: “Almost Over.”

Congratulations to all our artists!

Be sure to check out the Kicknote Charts page throughout the week to see who’s on top this week.


Album Review: Do it For the Story -Mike Falzone & The Peppermint Trick

Do it for the Story- Mike Falzone & the Peppermint Trick

Do it for the Story- Mike Falzone & the Peppermint Trick

The fifth release from frontman Mike Falzone, Do it For the Story holds true to Falzone’s track record of releasing solid albums full of catchy rhythms, thoughtful lyrics, and soulful singing. The album is somewhat reminiscent of the styles of John Mayer and Jason Mraz, blending some funk influence into a primarily pop-rock sound. The arrangements keep things interesting throughout the album, and you can certainly hear a little more to each song upon a second and third listening.

With sponsor deals coming in and songs being used in upcoming MTV shows, it seems that Mike Falzone and the Peppermint Trick are only getting bigger. So do yourself a favor and jump on the bandwagon now, then down the road you can tell your friends “I knew them when they were just coming up” and make yourself feel cool.

Do it For the Story is available streaming on the band’s Myspace.

Kicknote Charts: Week 1

The first week of the new charts feature on Kicknote is drawing to a close, and we here at Kicknote would like to congratulate our top three most viewed artists this week: Dirty Projectors, Mechanical Boy, and Cartel. This is going to be an ongoing weekly event, so every week we will be bringing you mini-bios on the most popular artists on Kicknote. Here’s the first installment:


Dirty Projectors are an indie/experimental band out of Brooklyn, NY. Led by frontman Dave Longstreth, the group has been on several labels and released ten albums since its formation in 2002. The band also recently collaborated with Bjork. They are currently touring in Europe, and also have a whole bunch of US shows coming up over the next two months. Single to check out: “Stillness is the Move.

Mechanical Boy is an indie-rock band out of Houston, TX. The group features driving beats and a strong groove thanks to its rhythm section, consisting of drummer Matt Wheeler and bassist Chris Applegate. Melodic guitar riffs round out the sonic spectrum with just a hint of overdrive, complementing the full, high-energy vocals, while Jason Castle creates melodic overtones on the keys. Single to check out: “Swing Low and Carry Me Home.

Cartel is an alt-rock band from Conyers, GA. They have been on several labels and released two full-length albums to date, with a third slated to be released this October. They are currently touring, with a whole bunch of dates in the next two months everywhere from New York to LA. Single to check out: “Honestly.

Congrats to all our artists! Check back next week to see who’s on top!

Kicknote feud with Ron Browz

Kicknote has officially decided to begin a feud with hip-hop recording artist Ron Browz because we hate his music. We let “Arab Money” slide, but after “20 Dollarz” we can no longer stand idly by. The feud will only come to an end when Ron Browz pays us twenty dollars for making such ridiculous music. We’ll be waiting for that check, Ron. (But Paypal works too.)

Kicknote Expert Hunt

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To start, selected experts will have the opportunity to write occasional blog posts about various topics within their genre, such as which album(s) best represent the genre, what new bands are worth paying attention to, concert reviews, etc. These posts will be featured on Kicknote’s Official Company Blog. In addition, it will be these experts’ job to make sure the Kicknote database is up to date with all the latest bands and sites in their given genre.

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Visiting your favorite artists on Kicknote will most likely result in you stumbling across some really interesting stuff (Have you ever thought to see what photos are tagged of your favorite artists on Flickr? Odds are you’ll find a lot of great stuff from both amateur and professional photographers. Check out Radiohead for a great example).

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