So what is Kicknote, and why should I use it?

Kicknote is a music browse engine. Our goal is to make browsing everything about your favorite artists easy, efficient, and, most of all, fun. We have consolidated all the various sites that your favorite artists have into one nicely organized place, and provided a way to easily navigate between all these pages–the Kicknote Frame.

The Kicknote Frame allows for single-click access to any of a given artist’s pages without the need for opening a dozen windows, repeatedly searching, or ever hitting the back button. Everything you want in one place, easily accessible–that’s what we do.

So why should you use Kicknote? Why not just Google a band? Well, if you know exactly what you want from a band and you want only that one thing, then yes, Googling those keywords together will get you what you want. However, if you are a true music-lover who really wants to browse around and see everything your favorite artists have to offer, then Kicknote is definitely the way to go.

Visiting your favorite artists on Kicknote will most likely result in you stumbling across some really interesting stuff (Have you ever thought to see what photos are tagged of your favorite artists on Flickr? Odds are you’ll find a lot of great stuff from both amateur and professional photographers. Check out Radiohead for a great example).

So to effortlessly browse everything about your favorite artists, check out Kicknote.

New features & a full site redesign (see below) coming soon, so check back frequently!

Feedback, good or bad, is always welcome:

Happy browsing!

Kicknote Home New Design

Kicknote Home New Design

New Kicknote Artist Profile

New Kicknote Artist Profile


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