Kicknote Charts: Week 1

The first week of the new charts feature on Kicknote is drawing to a close, and we here at Kicknote would like to congratulate our top three most viewed artists this week: Dirty Projectors, Mechanical Boy, and Cartel. This is going to be an ongoing weekly event, so every week we will be bringing you mini-bios on the most popular artists on Kicknote. Here’s the first installment:


Dirty Projectors are an indie/experimental band out of Brooklyn, NY. Led by frontman Dave Longstreth, the group has been on several labels and released ten albums since its formation in 2002. The band also recently collaborated with Bjork. They are currently touring in Europe, and also have a whole bunch of US shows coming up over the next two months. Single to check out: “Stillness is the Move.

Mechanical Boy is an indie-rock band out of Houston, TX. The group features driving beats and a strong groove thanks to its rhythm section, consisting of drummer Matt Wheeler and bassist Chris Applegate. Melodic guitar riffs round out the sonic spectrum with just a hint of overdrive, complementing the full, high-energy vocals, while Jason Castle creates melodic overtones on the keys. Single to check out: “Swing Low and Carry Me Home.

Cartel is an alt-rock band from Conyers, GA. They have been on several labels and released two full-length albums to date, with a third slated to be released this October. They are currently touring, with a whole bunch of dates in the next two months everywhere from New York to LA. Single to check out: “Honestly.

Congrats to all our artists! Check back next week to see who’s on top!


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