Kicknote Charts: Week 2

KN_Gold_RecordWeek two of the Kicknote Charts is now officially in the books. Here’s how it panned out: in order, the top three artists this past week were Peter Kirk, Kanye West, and Backdrop.

Peter Kirk is a recording artist out of Manhattan. His blend of pop and blue-eyed soul turns out to be something somewhat reminiscent of Peter Gabriel-type of sound. Each of his songs is meticulously refined, and the production quality is excellent. The best part about this artist? All of his songs are available for free on The Peter Kirk official website! Single to check out: “Addison.”

Kanye West is obviously someone everyone has heard of. The rapper who everyone loves to hate made his way up to the top of the charts this week. A fairly large contributing factor to this was Kanye’s display of narcissism and insanity at the MTV Video Music Awards when he jumped up on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Planned publicity stunt or just Kanye being a “jackass,” as President Obama would say?  Who knows? For all his jackassery, Kanye does happen to put together some good tunes once in a while though. Single to check out: “Good Morning.” (Scroll down a tad, it’s there, I promise.)

Last but not least we have Backdrop, a three-piece alternative/rock/pop band out of Iowa City. Sounding a little like a blend of Lit and New Found Glory, the band utilizes powerful, slightly distorted, raw sounding instrumentals to support alt/pop-style vocals. The production quality of their songs is good, and it seems like they would be a good band to check out live. They currently have an EP available on iTunes. Single to check out: “Almost Over.”

Congratulations to all our artists!

Be sure to check out the Kicknote Charts page throughout the week to see who’s on top this week.


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