Kicknote Charts: Week 5

KN_Gold_RecordThis past week saw two newcomers and one repeat winner. The top three this week, in order, were Kings of Leon, Daft Punk, and Backdrop.

Kings of Leon is an alt rock/indie band out of Nashville, TN. The band consists of three brothers and a cousin. Their single “Use Somebody” has been on the Billboard Hot 100 for 38 straight weeks to date. They have released four studio albums so far, with plans for a fifth in 2010. Single to check out: “Use Somebody.”

Daft Punk is an acid-house/techno group from Paris. They are probably best known in the US for having their song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” sampled by Kanye West. Other popular songs include “Around the World” and “One More Time.” They are known for their high-energy live performances, and will also be featured in the upcoming video game DJ Hero. Single to check out: “One More Time.

Backdrop is a group everyone should be familiar with by now. This marks the third time they have made their way into the Kicknote Top Three. The alt/rock/pop trio has several shows coming up around Iowa City in the coming weeks, so check out their websites for the dates. Single to check out: “Almost Over.”

Congrats to all our artists. Check back next week to see who’s topping the charts.

The 10 Best Rock Bands of All Time

Led Zeppelin IEvery music-lover has his own opinion of who the best bands ever are, and every one of these lists pisses people off. And, yes, there have been countless numbers of these lists made already, and there will be a million more. Regardless, here is my own personal, subjective opinion of the 10 best rock bands ever:


  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. The Beatles
  3. The Who
  4. The Rolling Stones
  5. Queen
  6. AC/DC
  7. Jimi Hendrix
  8. Black Sabbath
  9. Radiohead
  10. Guns n’ Roses

I’m not going to explain and defend each one of these choices, because if you know anything about rock, you should understand why I made these choices, even if you disagree. I will, however briefly explain why I have Zeppelin in the numberThe Beatles Sgt Pepper one slot. Subjectvely: because they are my favorite band, pure and simple. More objectively: because I believe that their infusing of blues and folk into some of the first real hard rock represents the pinnacle of musical innovation in the modern age. Whether they are rocking your face off with “Whole Lotta Love” or softly singing you a tale of being lost with “Going to California,” no one does it better than Zeppelin.

There were obviously a ton of runners-up who didn’t make the list, who many of you are probably outraged about, but I’m not going to list them. Tell me who should be on here if you think you know better.

Behind the Scenes with Mike Falzone & The Peppermint Trick

A few weeks ago we did an album review of the latest effort from Mike Falzone & The Peppermint Trick. Now here’s your chance to get to know the band a little better. Enjoy this story about a rough gig and a crazy night that ended up getting one of the guys temporarily kicked out of the band (as told by the band themselves).

21 Albums You Should Own

The RaconteursHere are some random albums we highly recommend for anyone in need of some tunes to jam out to. Yeah, some are live albums and that doesn’t really count, but whatever, they’re still good.

Any one of these albums can definitely be played from start to finish without disappointment, so if you’re looking for good tunes and you haven’t heard of something on this list, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Kicknote Charts: Week 4

KN_Gold_RecordThe fourth week of Kicknote Charts was another big success. We have some newcomers in the top 3 this week, as well as one repeat winner. The top three artists this week were: When Bears Attack!, Backdrop, and Justin Bieber.

When Bears Attack! is a young screamo band out of Illinois. New on the charts, the band had a very strong showing throughout the week. They only have one song out right now, so single to check out is “If I Had Eyes, Manhattan Could Fly.”

Backdrop made their way onto the charts for the second time this week, coming in as the second place finisher. The three-piece alt/rock/pop band out of Iowa has several shows coming up around Iowa City in the coming weeks, so check out their websites for the dates. Single to check out: “Almost Over.”

And finally, we have the new up-and-coming young artist Justin Bieber. Bieber released his latest single, “One Less Lonely Girl,” last week, which garnered him a lot of attention and helped propel him up the Kicknote Charts. The 15 year-old pop singer has a deal with Island Records, and is set to release his first full-length album in November. Single to check out: “One Time.”

Congratulations to all of our artists. Check back to see who’s topping the charts this week!

New Designs & Features

Kicknote Home New Design

Kicknote Home New Design

As many of you have probably noticed, Kicknote recently underwent a rather large facelift. We put up a brand new home page with a fancy new Flash slideshow, a new header, and new artist profile layouts. Everyone here is very happy with our recent progress, and is especially psyched that we finally got the site looking as good as it functions. Kudos to our new programmer Tom for repeatedly pulling all-nighters to get the site up to snuff.

In addition to the new designs, Kicknote has also been continuously rolling out new features, improving existing features, further building our database, and fixing bugs. One of our newest features is “artist statuses.” Now every artist with a Twitter link has their latest Tweet as a status on their Kicknote profile. This is the first step towards the release of the Kicknote Newsfeed, which will make keeping up with everything about your favorite artists easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Be on the lookout for the Newsfeed release soon, but in the meantime keep checking back to see what your favorite artists are up to. New sites (that are really awesome and you’ve probably never heard of) are being added to profiles everyday! Kicknote just keeps getting better..

Kicknote Charts: Week 3

KN_Gold_RecordThe third week of the Charts has come to an end, and it was certainly an exciting one. This week’s top three were a very eclectic group: The Alumni Club, Peter Kirk, and Robert Johnson.

The Alumni Club are a pop-rock band out of Illinois. They were a surprise winner, as they weren’t even on the charts until yesterday. We tweeted out their page for #musicmonday on Twitter, and they ended up getting a ton of visits and placed first for the week. Fun, energetic music. They’re coming to the NYC area in November, so be sure to check out a show. Single to check out: “Something About Symphony.”

Peter Kirk is a returning top finisher from last week. We were able to get in touch with him recently, and he has promised  a new free song will be on his website by Halloween. Upon hearing Peter Kirk’s music for the first time recently, a Kicknote employee referred to him as a “pop god,” so if that sounds intriguing to you, definitely check him out. As always, all his stuff is available to download for free on the Peter Kirk Official Website. Single to check out: “Forever.”

Robert Johnson rounds out this week’s group. A Delta blues legend, Johnson died in 1938 at the age of 27. Legend has it that as a young man he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to shred the guitar. He was supposedly poisoned via spiked whiskey and died several days later. In his short career, Johnson managed to create some of the best blues music ever. His work has influenced countless musicians, including Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Plant, and Eric Clapton. Clapton has described Johnson’s music as “the most powerful cry that I think you can find in the human voice.” If you’re a blues fan, or a rock fan who wants to see where your favorite genre came from, definitely give Robert Johnson a listen. Single to check out: “Crossroad.”

Congratulations to all our artists. Check back frequently to see who’s in the charts this coming week!