Kicknote Charts: Week 4

KN_Gold_RecordThe fourth week of Kicknote Charts was another big success. We have some newcomers in the top 3 this week, as well as one repeat winner. The top three artists this week were: When Bears Attack!, Backdrop, and Justin Bieber.

When Bears Attack! is a young screamo band out of Illinois. New on the charts, the band had a very strong showing throughout the week. They only have one song out right now, so single to check out is “If I Had Eyes, Manhattan Could Fly.”

Backdrop made their way onto the charts for the second time this week, coming in as the second place finisher. The three-piece alt/rock/pop band out of Iowa has several shows coming up around Iowa City in the coming weeks, so check out their websites for the dates. Single to check out: “Almost Over.”

And finally, we have the new up-and-coming young artist Justin Bieber. Bieber released his latest single, “One Less Lonely Girl,” last week, which garnered him a lot of attention and helped propel him up the Kicknote Charts. The 15 year-old pop singer has a deal with Island Records, and is set to release his first full-length album in November. Single to check out: “One Time.”

Congratulations to all of our artists. Check back to see who’s topping the charts this week!


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