Kicknote Charts: Week 6

KN_Gold_RecordLast week’s top three on Kicknote included two repeats and one first-timer: Owl City, Backdrop, and The Alumni Club.

Owl City is a synthpop/electronica act consisting of solely Adam Young. Hailing from Owatonna, MN, Owl City was on top of he iTunes single charts last week as well. Owl City has been around since 2007, but only recently gained mainstream popularity recently. Be on the lookout for tour dates in your area, as Owl City has a bunch of dates coming up in the Midwest and South in the coming months. Single to check out: “Fireflies.”

Backdrop is making their fourth appearance in the charts this week. Check their website for upcoming dates around Iowa City. Single to check out: “Almost Over.”

The Alumni Club has reached the top three for the second time this week. They are fun, energetic pop rock out of Illinois. Several shows are slated in the NYC area this month, so be sure to get out there and see them. Single to check out: “Something About Symphony.”


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