New Feature: Artist Video Feeds

Kicknote is happy to announce the release of the next step in our push towards the Artist Newsfeed.–the YouTube video feed. Kicknote now scans YouTube and automatically grabs new videos about your favorite artists and puts them right into their Kicknote profiles and your custom artist feed (if you have it set up).

If you haven’t set up your custom artist feed yet, you can set it up by either logging in or registering for Kicknote. Once logged in, you can have Kicknote read your iTunes and create a custom artist feed for you based on the artists in your iTunes. Your Kicknote Artist Feed will then provide you with a single place to find all the latest Twitter updates, Flickr photos, and YouTube videos from & about your favorite artists. It’s as simple as that!

New designs and layouts are currently in the works to accommodate our new features. Also, there are plenty more features on the way. Check back soon!